Author's Invitation

Our message to the world is the India can rein its supremacy in the battle field not only by waging a war but also through the process of creative writing. There is no shortage of intellectuals in our country, but their knowledge is restricted to them only. No sincere efforts have been made so far by any publisher to channelise and transforming their knowledge and ideas in the interest of the humanity. That is why the talent of the large number of the intellectuals and the knowledgeable persons remain suppressed. An author transforms his knowledge into a manuscript by dint of his sheer brilliance, hard work and perseverance, and it is the job of a publisher to spread his or her message, startling ideas and progressive concepts by converting a good book.

Kalpaz has taken big leap in this direction. It has been motivating, encouraging the intellectuals and the knowledgeable persons since last fourteen years by publishing their manuscripts.

We have set a precedent in the spectrum of the book publications. Our priorities have given below:

  1. We have published the books of lot of distinguished authors from all walks of life. Here we have given the name of few Joginder Singh, Bindeshwar Pathak, Krishan Saigal, S C Bhatt, Col. Ved Prakash etc.

  2. It does not mean that we have given priorities only to the well-known authors. We feel immensely happy to motivate and encourage new authors, who want to make his or her mark in the field of book writing.

  3. Anybody…irrespective of any fields, who has knack of writing, can send their inputs in details with synopsis and contents, so that we will be in a position to convert those given data or inputs into a good book which can illuminate the minds of millions in view of putting the country into the path of progress and prosperity.

  4. For getting published your book, you can send your manuscript to the given address:

Moreover, if you want to send your manuscript through post-office or courier, it is being requested to given below addresses:

Kalpaz Publications
C-30, Satyawati Nagar,
Ashok Vihar, Delhi-110052. is not be responsible for typing or photographical mistake if any. Prices are subject to change without notice.