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Title Socioeconomic Injustices : Pakistan in Whirlpool
Author Mr Waqas Ahmad Saad
Year 2016
Binding Hardback
Pages 280
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351281469, 9789351281467
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The Title 'Socioeconomic Injustices : Pakistan in Whirlpool written/authored/edited by Mr Waqas Ahmad Saad', published in the year 2016. The ISBN 9789351281467 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 280 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Sociology / Political Science / International Studies.
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Socioeconomic injustices Pakistan in whirlpool is a detail discussion about ongoing, widespread and deep routed injustices and discriminations on massive fraction of population imposed by ruling elite of the country. Young and energetic author shared his different experiences as well for the provision of a true picture of modern day Pakistan. He described the economic imbalances and other systematic failures of the state and their repercussions alongside the institutional collisions in a realistic way for the understanding of viewers. Some more features are as • Book unveiling some non-conventional actors alongside the conventional mafias responsible for the provision of misery And helplessness for deprived factions of population. • It's providing enough material for connecting current wave of religious extremism in Pakistan and South Asian region with economic deprivation of masses. • Book is written in a simple and frank way and providing special references and quotations for the better understanding of contemporary terminologies.


Waqas Ahmad Saad a guy of 28 from Southern Punjab -the very deprived part of the country started a journey in student politics in the second half of 2000's era and faced severe repercussions. His active participation in lawyers' movement for the restoration of democracy lead to his brief but rigorous imprisonment that disturbed his academics. This initiative nevertheless gave him some prominence albeit in a minor way and only for that particular span of time. After attaining a degree in Agriculture Engineering in 2008 he started writing articles in leading newspapers of the country with a particular focus on agriculture mechanization and modern irrigation systems but gradually he made a tilt towards socioeconomic and political affairs as well. In 2009 he launched a campaign through his writings for the provision of state owned barren agriculture land to the Agriculture /Forestry and Veterinary graduates of Punjab for the purpose of agricultural research and production. The campaign was successful somewhat and though the writer himself remained deprived yet many of his colleagues were allotted state owned land on lease by the government of Punjab. His articles covering socioeconomic, political and international issues got attentions of the deprived and discriminated factions of the society but here too he was pushed back and remained deprived from attaining the highest level in mainstream media by the journalistic elite of the country.


Preface ▪ 9 Acknowledgments ▪ 11 Silence is a Crime ▪ 15 Part–I 1. Little Glimpse of Modern Day Pakistan ▪ 19 2. Collapse of Economy and its Repercussions ▪ 31 3. Influence of Heredity in Pakistan ▪ 59 Part–II 4. Triangle of Feudal, Industrial and Bureaucratic Elite ▪ 109 5. Dilemmas of Judiciary and Media in Pakistan ▪ 139 Part–III 6. Religion as a Tool of Terror and Discrimination in Pakistan ▪ 173 7. Socioeconomic Injustice with Women and Children in Pakistan ▪ 203 8. Fraud as an Agent of Socioeconomic Injustice in Pakistan ▪ 233 Acronyms ▪ 269 References and Statistics ▪ 271 Index ▪ 273

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